The International Network Film Festival is an international event dedicated to movies and literature.
Our goal is to connect creative energies from all over the world.
Every month, we will select and award the registered projects. We'll hold monthly events in various cities, allowing even geographically distant artists to connect online and make an international network.
For us at the International Network Film Festival, cinema is also an excellent opportunity to compare different cultures.
We think cinema is poetry, beauty, and also a way to improve people, communicating values such as inclusion and respect for freedom of thought and speech.
Our Team has a lot of experience in the film industry. We have participated in productions in which prestigious award-winning artists in the top film festivals in the world have been involved.
If you have made a film, a short film, a Music video, or if you have written a book or a script, we at the International Network Film Festival will be happy to get you into our project.